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GoWold-Gubinge fruit aka Kakadu Plum - Voted Editor's Choice Award "Most Novel Ingredient"

Global annual review: what's now and what's next for the bodycare market.

By David Tyrrell

January 2017

MINTEL recommends GoWild Australia's Kakadu Plum

"The Future of Bodycare 2017"

​Global annual review

GoWild Australia's "Award Winning"  proprietary GoWild-Gubinge fruit aka Kakadu Plum 100% pure Whole Fruit Powder and Fluid Extracts, the world's richest natural plant source Vitamin C and Ellagic Acid. Also, exceptionally rich mixture of phenolic compounds, high levels of vitamin E, folate, lutein, essential minerals and rich in phytochemicals and microelements

GoWild Australia Supplier of Kakadu Plum Powder and Extracts

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