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 For thousands of years, these Australian  Foods, have  provided powerful healing  remedies for indigenous  people  throughout the Australian continent

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 The Vision​

​​GoWild Australia to be the leading Australian developer and global supplier of authenticated and  effective phytochemical solutions from ancient wisdom traditions

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Through extensive research into Australian Ancient Remedies (Australia's Secrets), Australian Graham Firrell, the founder of GoWild Australia LLC then  located *new studies  which have proven that the very high Antioxidant levels found in Australian Foods, superfruits, bush botanicals and ingredients  deliver through ingested means, food and beverage, are also able to be realized when incorporated into topical skin and personal care products.  Authenticated solutions for appications in foods, nutraceuticals, skin care, hair care and body care products

Further extensive selective research uncovered very high Antimicrobial Properties and Phenolic Compounds in Australian Native Foods and a  fascinating supply chain of Australian Native Foods. In particular Kakadu Plum, "the world's richest source of natural Vitamin C"Lemon  Myrtle,  Anise Myrtle, Diemen (Tasmanian) Pepper, Riberry - Lily Pilly, Davidson Plum, Wattle Seed, Bush Tomato,  Blushwood  Berry and the highest quality Tea Tree and Macadamia Oil

 Graham Firrell then began to seek out growers and harvesters who could maximize the success potential of this emerging and exciting  opportunity.

 As an example, the indigenous Australian-bush-plum, super food Kakadu Plum for over 60,000 thousand years the Indigenous Communities  of Northern Australia have wild harvested and used the Kakadu Plum as a medicinal, nutritious and tasty food source. Today  through *Australian research Kakadu Plum not only is the World's Richest Source of Vitamin C. (Stable) but also has been identified to  contain over 50 various identifiable nutritive compounds.

​​​● GoWild Australia, develops and licenses uniquely innovative all-natural extracts and process solutions from Australian Aboriginal wisdom traditions, contemporizing ancient reverence for Australia’s unique plant biodiversity into authenticated solutions in foods, beverages, nutraceuticals, supplements, skin care, hair care, body care products and assuring sustainable economic empowerment for its supply-chain partners and the communities they serve.

● If you are seeking to develop all-natural preservative alternatives, or all-natural formulations, based on the unique phytochemistry of Australian native plant extracts, then GoWild Australia is an excellent choice.  We will work with you to customize applications (formulation and delivery system) that meet your needs while also speeding the approval process. No synthetic or chemical additives are required in GoWild Australia's systems.

GoWild Australia’s Native Plant Extracts 
● GoWild Australia's products are proprietary extracts, essential and fixed oils, and dehydrated powders of Australian native plants. Kakadu Plum is being developed through an exclusive supply chain through a cooperative of Aboriginal growers in the Northern Territories and will meet the guaranteed vitamin C and polyphenol content shown in our spec sheets. 

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GoWild Australia supplier of Kakadu plum / Gubinge powder and extracts